Reduce Your Energy Bills

Get electrical rewiring services in Mount Olive or Magee, MS

Do your lights flicker? Do your breakers trip frequently? It might be time to rewire your home. Turn to WWS Electrical Services, LLC, owned by Wesley Slocum, for electrical rewiring services in Mount Olive, Magee, MS and surrounding areas. You can trust our experienced electricians to remove and replace your outdated wiring in a timely manner.

Rewiring your home or commercial building can:

  • Allow you to use all of your electronic devices without overloading your system
  • Give you access to more outlets
  • Eliminate flickering lights and breaker trips
  • Reduce the chance of electrical shocks and fires
  • Lower your energy bills
Call 601-214-9765 now to learn more about our electrical rewiring services.

Building a new home or business?

WWS Electrical Services does electrical installation and repair work in the Mount Olive or Magee, MS areas. Our experts can install wiring in your new construction home or office so you can hook up the audio, television and security systems you need. We can also install:

  • Lighting
  • Appliances
  • Pool electrical systems
Contact us today to arrange for electrical installation or repair services. If your electrical system is malfunctioning, we'll troubleshoot it and complete the necessary repairs on the spot.